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Yell: A PoC to Find the Best Cloud Solution for Data Analytics

Before moving their data analytics to the Cloud, the UK’s leading online business directory wanted to know which platform would be best suited for their needs – and a PoC gave them a clear answer.

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Business Benefits

The PGS Software team developed a Proof of Concept to choose between the AWS Athena, Google BigQuery and Snowflake platforms for Yell's Cloud adoption needs.

The final PoC, built on Snowflake, was completed in 3 months. Example queries have a response time of less than 0.5 seconds, which ultimately lets the end user get their insights with very little delay.

The solution also features a solid disaster recovery system and account sharing processes. The deployment process is more automated, allowing for faster delivery times, and the move to Snowflake, hosted on AWS, also proved to be much more cost-effective.

Business Need

As UK’s leading online business directory, Yell is collecting and handling increasingly large amounts of data. In terms of storage alone, they needed to handle a whooping 7TB – and this number is only increasing over time. The on-prem solution was too time-consuming and expensive to handle this, so the decision was made to move to a data lake in the cloud.

But which was the most suitable platform for their needs? A Proof of Concept was needed to shed some light into the matter.

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When challenged with picking a tech stack to enable our data lake, we needed to be sure that we picked a technology that met the needs of several parts of our business from data collection, data transformation and usage of the standardized data in both internal reporting, and presenting data to our customers in our dashboards.

PGS Software helped us systematically work through each use case, comparing feature parity for everything from user access to DevOps rollout, transferring data and querying it through our frontend. The systematic approach of building against 3 tech stacks helped solidify our requirement gathering, and helped us with finally choosing the selected technology.

Maebh Booth, Head of Software Engineering, Yell

Project Details

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AWS Cloud, Big Data

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Jenkins, JIRA, Terraform

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Amazon S3, Snowflake, Java

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1 Developer, 1 DevOps

About the Client

client logo is the UK’s leading online business directory. The website was launched in the UK in 1996 by the publishers of the Yellow Pages directory. Since then, they have put the names, addresses and telephone numbers of over 3 million businesses at the fingertips of their users. They can search over 3,000 classifications for companies matching the type of business they need, or find the right business near them by searching for a company name. Their service covers the whole of the UK (except the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

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