Well Architected

When companies move to the Cloud, they need a solid foundation to build all of their future solutions. If this is a Well Architected solution, it will bring stronger benefits to each component and service as a result.

AWS has a dedicated Well Architected Framework for analysing existing Cloud infrastructure. We use this to provide expert insight across five key pillars.

By improving the foundation, any future projects will be more successful, better optimised and drive stronger business value.

Pillars of the Well Architected Framework

01 diamond Operational Excellence
02 shield Security
03 gear Reliability
04 rocket Performance Evaluation
05 coin Cost Optimisation

Well Architected For Business

In short, a Well Architected review will find any flaws or potential risks in your system. Addressing these issues now will remove much larger problems further down the line. It will also improve any existing solutions or applications you have on the Cloud.

Well Architeced Case Studies

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