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Wondering how to adopt the Cloud?
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Our Cloud Adoption Workshop will help you to prepare for your company’s Digital Transformation.


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Accurate Analysis

Accurate Analysis

You’ll learn what to expect from Cloud Adoption – we’ll explain everything from A to Z.

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

You’ll find out how much Cloud Adoption can lower your operational costs.

Action Plan

Action Plan

Our Cloud Adoption roadmap, action plan & tailored requirements will help you take your first steps.

The Right Choice

The Right Choice

You’ll be able to choose the right Cloud provider for your business.

Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

You’ll get exclusive access to insider tips & practical know-how.

Quick Start

Quick Start

The Cloud infrastructure draft we’ll develop especially for your business will allow you to get started quickly.

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Key characteristics


The purpose of a Cloud Adoption Workshop (CAW) is to discover what fundamental changes are required across the entire organisation to enable the successful start of your Cloud journey.

Cloud computing introduces a significant shift in how technology is obtained, used, and managed. It also shifts how organisations budget and pay for technology services.

It benefits organisations by allowing them to go global in minutes, to gain an advantage from massive economies of scale, to make agile capacity decisions as well as to stop spending money on running and maintaining data centres.

The Cloud Adoption Workshop provides guidance on how to identify which skills in your organisation need to be updated and/or learned. It also supports and guides the organisation as you create an effective Cloud adoption plan to address all the gaps.


6 Perspectives to Challenge

The CAW focuses on six organisational perspectives to help you better understand where the Cloud migration starting point should be and what should be included in your company’s individual action plan.



Helps stakeholders understand how to update the staff skills and organisational processes that they will need to optimise business value as they move their operations to the Cloud.

It also identifies all business areas, which may get affected by changes in the budgeting and operational model.



Provides guidance for stakeholders responsible for employee development, training, and communications.

It shows how to update staff skills and organisational knowledge in order to optimise and maintain their workforce and ensure competencies are in place at the appropriate time.



Provides guidance for people responsible for supporting business processes with technology.

It brings understanding regarding how to update staff skills and organisational processes that are necessary to ensure successful business governance in the Cloud and to manage and measure Cloud investments in order to evaluate their business outcomes.



Supports in the recognition of services and required changes or activities necessary to deliver and optimise Cloud solutions and services.



Brings understanding regarding which steps and capabilities will be required to ensure system health and reliability during the move of operations to the Cloud; and which will allow your organisation to continue to operate using agile, ongoing, Cloud computing best practices.



Helps to understand how to update the organisation’s skills and awareness to ensure that the architecture deployed in the Cloud aligns to the organisation’s security requirements, resiliency, and compliance requirements.


Real Results

Once the CAW is completed, it helps to voice challenges and concerns related to Cloud adoption.
Additionally, as an output from the learning process, you gain:

  • An understanding of all business aspects and how they’ll be influenced by Cloud adoption
  • An action plan draft, timelines, and immediate steps required to push things forward
  • An established approach for Cloud optimisation
  • A high-level architecture for migration
  • Possible cost of infrastructure
  • Estimates for migration activities
  • Estimates for supporting/maintenance activities
The Coaches

Meet Our Cloud Experts

Marcin Kielar - Cloud Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer

Marcin Kielar

Cloud Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer

Marcin has 15 years’ experience in programming. He is a Tech Lead and Scrum Master in e-commerce projects based on i.e. AWS Cloud, ECS or AWS Lambda, as well as an expert in Java and a specialist in Cloud, DevOps, API and self-scaling systems. He is also one of PGS Software’s Cloud Workshop moderators.

Expert's details

Tomasz Kielar - Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert - Cloud Platform & Infrastructure

Tomasz Kielar

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert - Cloud Platform & Infrastructure

Tomasz has 9 years’ experience in programming, specifically in .Net, Java, and C++, and he is also a specialist in Cloud, DevOps and automation. He has conducted many hands-on workshops and given numerous tech presentations.

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