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Cloud migration isn’t a question anymore – it’s a given. We’ll move your on-premise solution to the Cloud provider of your choice quickly and seamlessly by choosing the right migration method for your business.

Multilevel Cloud <br> Migration
Key characteristics


One of the main reasons companies move to the Cloud is because it provides unmatched speed and agility. Migrating to the Cloud means you’ll be able to spin up thousands of servers in minutes as opposed to weeks.

You’ll be able to scale resources up and down as needed and to take advantage of a wide array of Cloud services in order to ensure your solution meets digital market demands today and in the future. All this while accelerating your time-to-market and lowering the total cost of ownership.


Cloud Migration Benefits

Migration Support from A-Z

Migration Support from A-Z

We not only migrate your solutions – we also provide multilevel support in the areas of BA, QA, & UX/UI.

Faster Time-to-Market

Faster Time-to-Market

Using the Cloud, we launch your product to market quickly and cost-effectively - making sure it’s future-proof, scalable, reliable, and secure.

Lower TCO

Lower TCO

Once you migrate to the Cloud, your total cost of ownership will decrease. And, you’ll be able to optimise costs in the future.

Performance & Scalability

Performance & Scalability

The Cloud is essentially synonymous with high performance and scalability – once you adopt it, you’ll be able to fully reap those benefits.

Fast Experimentation. Rapid Development.

Fast Experimentation. Rapid Development.

Prototype your new business features risk-free within less than a week & without having to invest a single penny.

Clearly Defined Delivery Process

Clearly Defined Delivery Process

A well-defined delivery plan with clear milestones & success metrics will help you avoid big bang releases.

Optimised Server Usage

Optimised Server Usage

Pay as you go & scale resources according to your actual business needs.

Modern Technology Stack

Modern Technology Stack

Making use of Cloud services ensures you’ll always remain one step ahead of the market.

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Cloud Migration Methods

What’s the Right Migration Method
for Your Business?

All businesses are unique and your solution has its special needs too. We get to know them before we decide how best to help you adopt the Cloud of your choice.

Once we analyse your requirements, we build a cloud adoption framework, which serves as a custom cloud migration strategy for your business. We then proceed with an action plan tailored specifically to your needs.



Lift & Shift

Migrating applications to the Cloud without any code modification. This approach offers a faster, less resource-intensive migration process.



Minor system changes, which optimise its functioning within the Cloud. This method enhances the system’s performance and lowers costs.



Advanced process of rearchitecting and recoding portions of existing applications to take advantage of cloud-native frameworks and functionality.



Rewriting the application from one technology to another, while staying true to the original business requirements. This method allows you to reap Cloud-native benefits.



The transfer of functionalities from the application to Cloud services. Making use of Serverless, Managed Services, storage, a database tier, data pipelines, etc.


Total Drop

Transferring your application or its components to the Cloud doesn’t always make sense. Technically, everything can be migrated to the Cloud – but should it? Sometimes it’s better to just get rid of your existing application and to start anew.

Our Methodology

How Do We Tame the Cloud?

By taking the road less travelled by.

That is to say, we don’t cut corners. Your project’s requirements elicitation process will be streamlined and carried out in line with the latest cloud computing best practices. Always.

Cloud Migration Service Features

  • Cloud Adoption Workshop, which provides a clear roadmap of your journey
  • Skilled, capable extended team guided by certified Solutions Architects
  • Phased approach to migration and development
  • Execution reviews, which quickly generate business benefits
  • Infrastructure-as-Code approach
  • Lean production releases & an optimised development cycle time
  • Training workshops for your staff
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Case Studies

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We believe that fully automated electronic delivery through the Cloud will ultimately replace all current managed electronic and physical content delivery services.

Having worked with PGS Software before, we knew that they understood the complex technical environment of modern cinema exhibition and would be able to deliver what we required.

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