Want to become more agile? Considering breaking up with your monolith?

Enter the Digital Transformation era with pep in your step by adopting a microservices architecture.

Key characteristics


Microservices are an architectural and organisational approach to software development where small cross-functional teams develop small independent services.

All services are then joined together to create a scalable and highly available network of microservices. This approach renders your solution unwaveringly reliable and fault-tolerant.

Cost & Time Savings

With Microservices More Means Less

Turning your solution into dynamic microservices will accelerate innovation and help you to achieve greater speed and agility.

Microservices Adoption State Effort
Monolith Initial Progressing Advanced Complete
No. of Releases Cost Dev Effort Time-to-Market

The Benefits of Microservices

We can transform your monolithic architecture into agile, highly available, and reliable microservices. Microservices architectures place emphasis on replaceability and loose coupling allowing you to seamlessly replace components instead of having to maintain or change them.

They are developed and deployed independently of each other, meaning that they can be easily changed to meet your evolving business requirements.

Microservices offer unmatched speed and security:

Agility - independently deliver new products, functions, and features in no time

Faster Time-to-Market - independent deployability accelerates the release of new features

Small Teams - organisational alignment of services to teams speeds up delivery

Composability - reduces development time and renders components easily reusable

High Availability - guarantees a seamless end user experience

Comprehensibility - the system is easy to decipher, making it easier to plan and add new resources

Polyglotism - enables the employment of the right tool for the right task

Cost Optimisation - greater system efficiency reduces infrastructure costs

Case study

The Client’s Perspective

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After a comprehensive research job, we chose PGS Software as our preferred partner for software development, and we are very happy with that decision today.

We now have a platform that is highly flexible, future-proof, and with a predictable and low monthly cost.

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