High-Volume Serverless

Lost a lot of money on Black Friday because your solution couldn’t handle the traffic peaks?

Save time and money by shedding your server. When we work our Serverless magic on your solution, it’ll never let you down again.

High-Volume Serverless
Cost savings

How to Cut Infrastructure Costs by 99%

3-Year Infrastructure Cost Estimate — On-premise vs. AWS EC2 vs. Serverless

We’ve calculated that by adopting the Serverless approach, rather than on-premise, a voting system can be 385 times cheaper to run in just 3 years, taking high traffic peaks into consideration.

We partnered with PGS to significantly expand our professional development capacity and bring deep cloud expertise to support and enable our Deloitte Solutions Factory organisation in the UK. PGS work highly collaboratively with us to help industrialise our propositions and deliver scalable and robust leading edge solutions that provide significant value for our clients.

Andy Whitton, photo

Andy Whitton,

Head of Risk Analytics Solutions and CTO Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Key characteristics


Serverless computing allows you to build and run applications and services without having to waste time on server maintenance and administration.

Additionally, running code without the use of servers ensures you only pay for consumed compute time without having to worry about the period when the code is not being run.

Moreover, scalable and highly available Serverless applications can be built for nearly any type of application or backend service.

Curious how Serverless can benefit your business? We’ll help you cut infrastructure costs in half while rendering your solutions scalable, highly available, and future-proof.

The Serverless Advantage

The Business Benefits of Serverless

Cost Optimisation

Cost Optimisation

The cost of your infrastructure will be ideally optimised.

High Availability

High Availability

Your infrastructure will be ready to handle unlimited user traffic/peaks.

No Maintenance

No Maintenance

You’ll be able to save a significant amount of money on server administration.

Higher ROI

Higher ROI

The Infrastructure as Code we’ll build will guarantee that you’ll instantly enjoy a higher ROI.

Using AWS Lambda has definitely saved us a lot of hassle. We can spend our resources on what we should be doing instead of on maintaining a server.

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Sheyeen Liew

CEO, Sybod

About Us

Why PGS Software

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, here’s how we can benefit your business:

Your solution will be scalable & highly functional thanks to the PoCs we’ll prepare.

Your custom solution will be easily portable, rendering its migration from another Cloud provider to AWS effortless.

Your solution will be delivered quickly thanks to our ready, custom-made templates.

Having early-bird access to all the latest AWS services allows us to perfectly tailor them to your business needs.

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