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Paweł Gurgul Managing Director 3pxg3ulrygxuwl9@vp1gxs7-lskoyf8tl.dc2okm
Rob A. Lober Managing Director, UK krplaoxb4e3r2@1p3grsm-7soopfttm.ncpowm +44 7785 538407
Radek Soska Business Development Manager irqstoqsckeao@kpzg1sn-ksmodfutj.hcyolm +48 71 7982699

We are closer than you think

Wroclaw headquarters PGS Software S.A.
Klecinska Street 123
54-413 Wroclaw, Poland
Phone:+48 71 79 82 692
Fax:+48 71 79 82 690
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Rzeszow PGS Software S.A.
Generala Maczka Street 6
35-234 Rzeszow, Poland
Phone:+48 17 711 19 22

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Gdansk PGS Software S.A.
Jana z Kolna Street 11
80-864 Gdansk, Poland
Phone:+48 71 88 89 234
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London mailing address PGS Software LTD
Office 108
Slington House
Rankine Road
Basingstoke RG24 8PH,
United Kingdom

Company details Wroclaw-Fabryczna District Court in Wroclaw, VI Economic Department
Registered in the National Court Register under the number 0000304562, VAT identification number PL8971719181
Initial capital 564 638,10 PLN, paid-up capital 564 638,10 PLN.