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Data Exploration Workshop

Few things are as valuable
to a business as data

However, many companies still rely on outdated technology to acquire, store, transform and ultimately assess this data. This results in processes that don’t make full use of all the information available and, even if they do, it is at a pace that doesn’t allow for real-time action.

Modern technology, however, has removed these issues entirely and our workshop is the first step to embracing this change. Big Data solutions powered on the Cloud are helping more and more companies deliver immediate results and decisions that keep them ahead of the competition. We’ll help you join them.

What does a workshop achieve?

01 Gain Value From Your Data
Your business is already collecting data – let us show you how to transform it into direct business value.
02 Learn How To Explore Your Data
The right data solutions can uncover hidden correlations & insights - we’ll show you how to explore & find these insights.
03 Data Monetisation
Want to turn your data into profits? We’ll explore some key options to directly capitalise on your data.
04 Data Collection Recommendations
Are you collecting all the data possible? We can recommend an improved strategy to make sure you’re looking at the full picture.
05 MVP Proposal
Once we get to know your business and its needs, we can propose a minimum viable product (MVP), including estimations and expected results.


Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from our workshop. Each one will be tailored to your individual needs.

Workshop Section
PGS Software Presentation
Who we are and how we are best suited to help you
30 minutes
What is AI & ML?
A presentation with use cases and case studies - focused on your industry or vertical
1 hour
Data Exploration
A hands-on session with a customer domain expert
2-4 hours
Business Case Definition
A session to define your needs, including the scope for an MVP and success criteria
1-2 hours
Questions and answers session with one of our data experts
1 hour

Who is involved?

From our side, we will bring a Data Scientist and a Business Analyst, as well as a business account manager to ensure everything goes smoothly. On your side, we recommend you bring specialists involved with business data or involved in the overall process.

This can include your own Business Analysts, your Chief Data Officer and any stakeholders or technical people with an important role. We recommend no more than 10 people from your side, as this makes for an ideal workshop size.

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The road to data driven structure begins with a single workshop.