Another Forbes e-diamond for PGS Software

09. März 2015 Krzysztof Piskorski

As a company that often creates web services, we’ve always thought about our website as an important part of our resume. That’s why we were very happy to hear that PGS Software received a Forbes e-diamond 2015 for having one of the best websites in our region.

It’s not our first e-diamond. In 2013 our previous site, very different from the one you can visit today, had won the same award.  Shortly after, we’ve decided to do something seemingly risky and counter-intuitive. We’ve replaced the winning design with a new one. They say you don’t retire a winning horse, but we’ve done just that.

Our new look was more modern, cleaner, and – most importantly – based on a new signature design language that our graphic designers often employ when working on our commercial projects. The new website was meant to be a showcase of their skill.

Fortunately, it seems that whatever our Web & graphic designers put their hand into, instantly turns into gold. This year our new website also won the same award, despite being radically different. It’s a good reminder that to remain on top doesn’t mean to avoid change.

And that’s why, as another e-diamond certificate hangs on our wall, one of our team is already prototyping yet another verision of our homepage, with many design, UI & UX improvements, that we hope to reveal later in 2015.

In their verdict, Forbes jury mentioned that what influenced their final decision was a “secret formula” you can learn on our page, meaning that we owe the final result in part to the concept of this particular sub-page:

Of course e-diamond was not our only success. PGS Software also remains high on the regional Forbes Diamonds list (33rd place) and is one of the top IT companies in our region.  


Original image:

Diamond paperweight” by Steven Depolo under CC BY 2.0

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