PGS Software Hosted a Legendary Testing Guru

08. April 2013 PGS Team


Everybody wants a perfectly working software but often it is difficult to compromise between the tight budget-and-time frames and the requirement for a truly in-depth testing. However, at PGS Software, we recognize this crucial need very well and so we have invited a world-class software testing expert, Hans Schaefer, to a special lecture in Wroclaw. What should the software testers focus on? How to plan an effective test series? All that (and more) was answered at the special event on March 8.

Hans Schaefer is a leader of the Norwegian Testing Board and has been consulting to such companies as Nokia, Statoil or Bombardier for over 10 years, as well as teaching and giving lectures worldwide. He is also… a certified steam locomotive fireman and specializes in railway signaling. You may wonder what one has to do with another but the meeting point is security. Invited by SJSI (the Association for Software Systems Quality) and PGS Software, Hans agreed to visit the Wroclaw Technology Park to shed some light on the art of efficient software testing.

The lecture, entitled “Test Prioritization Based on Risks and Benefits,” covered two complementary testing models. The first one, risk-based testing, is a well-known method prioritizing testing the endangered application areas. Another approach discussed was benefit-based testing whose main focus is on those elements of the system that are key for the users.

As Hans Schaefer himself admits:

Testing is usually the last step in software development. All delays from the previous stages accumulate to that point so tests are run under severe time and budget pressure.

This forces accurate prioritization of the tested areas. The first step is carefully identifying the biggest risks and the top benefits for the user. The apt combination of those two contrasting approaches seems to be the key to success. With each new iteration, the tests have to be evaluated and re-thought as regards the influenced areas.

The lecture was received with uncommonly high interest, since Hans Schaefer turned out to be a ravishing speaker and encouraged a lot of questions from the audience, eagerly answering all of them.

If you would like to learn more, check our YouTube channel for a complete video recording of the event in 3 parts (it will work great as an audiobook because of its full lenght):

Test Prioritization Based on Risks and Benefits by Hans Schaefer, part 1. PGS Software and SJSI

Test Prioritization Based on Risks and Benefits by Hans Schaefer, part 2. PGS Software and SJSI

Test Prioritization Based on Risks and Benefits by Hans Schaefer, part 3. PGS Software and SJSI

With approval of Hans Shaefer, we are also able to offer you his presentation in the original format as published by SJSI:

Test Prioritization Based on Risks and Benefits

PGS Software itself has a well-developed testing unit – TestBenefit – that is able to apply a tailored test series for a given project. We offer support in acceptance testing and information system acceptance, as well as automated tests based on dedicated tools and scripts. Thus, the Hans Schaefer lecture was for us not only a way to address and entice promising testing adepts but also to build software testing awareness.

The event was held under the patronage of, the c0re Magazine and

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