Creating a high precision image & data visualisation app

When a leading specialist in industrial grade measuring systems wanted to improve their high-end industrial equipment, a mobile and tablet based application was created to meet the fast pace and needs of the metal production industry.

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The final product is a reliable mobile application that enables workers to keep up with the fast pace of the industry, without compromising on quality.

  • Integrates with existing scanning hardware easily
  • Allows users to assess defects in real time for easier decision making
  • Custom categories allows for more automation industry needs
  • Removes human error by informing users when faults are detected

Geschäftliche Anforderungen

The company already provides its clients with precise, industrial grade machinery, responsible for scanning and monitoring the quality of steel sheets and other produced goods. They wanted an application to convey the data gathered in a way users can easily process.

This solution needed to meet the needs of the industry, where production runs 24 hours a day and, because workers are on the manufacturing floor in a busy environment, it needed to me mobile and portable. This also allowed for near instant decision making.


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Image Presentation, Data Visualisation

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Xamarin, ASP.NET

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Xamarin, Visual Studio, Jenkins

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2 Software Developers, 1 Mobile Developer, 1 Backend Developer, 1 QA Engineer

Über den Kunden

The company specialises in industrial grade measuring systems, helping manufacturers and raw material processors to correctly measure, assess and grade their goods with high precision. Based in Germany, the organisation provides both 2D and 3D optic inspection equipment to clients around the world.

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