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How 1-click Cloud deployment instantly increased Business Success

The founding idea that Instant Access Technologies (IAT) had for epoints was simple – to build an online loyalty system with enough redeemable rewards to satisfy anyone. This vision, supplemented with great technology and quality software development provided by PGS Software, has proved to be a winning combination.

IAT wanted to build a new online loyalty platform in a short span of time. PGS Software knew that the best way to do that would be to use the Amazon Cloud to develop a robust yet easily scalable and secure solution. The core infrastructure was in place but the PGS Software team had to build the actual platform. The team put a lot of work into making epoints fast and secure, and into integrating it with a long list of partner sites and reward providers. The PGS Software team faced a few Big Data related challenges – they had to manage and analyse the huge, distributed, and automatically synchronised product database and provide a real-time search option. The solution had to be secure and robust because users quickly began looking for “epoint hacks”. PGS Software knew that AWS Lambda would be the best resolution to these challenges.

The project started with a team of four PGS Software developers. The size of the team quickly grew however, as IAT quickly recognised PGS Software as a highly competent partner who could help them achieve greater Business Success.

Having worked with PGS Software resources on various different projects over the 4 years of our engagement, I am in a good position to verify that adding PGS Software resources to a new or existing project will increase levels of insight, velocity, quality, and resilience

says Andrew Sershall, IAT Delivery Director

PGS Software built an engine based on the Amazon Cloud that drives the entire platform. They then began working on an admin module for managing data from affiliate networks, including separate components for specific product providers. They created a cutting-edge price comparison engine and a web store framework. Other development tasks they worked on included a module for tracking transactions via Refer ID, multiple web services that deliver the product data outside, and a module that automatically creates AdWords campaigns based on recent sales figures. The scale of the datasets PGS Software worked with pushed them to develop custom caching and indexing solutions. The Amazon Cloud was instrumental in terms of implementing these changes.

In the end, the code repository included a network of 30 complex modules built with SOA guidelines in mind and a fully automatic development and testing environment with 1-click Cloud deployment. PGS Software’s graphic designers and frontend developers cooperated on the project as well by preparing and implementing designs consisting of a set of front-end layouts and multiple mobile components.

Epoints is currently one of the most comprehensive reward programmes on the web. Users receive points not only for buying goods but also for visiting sites, performing certain actions, writing product reviews, and various other forms of social activity. The fully automated 1-click Cloud deployment has greatly contributed to a high quality of user experience and Business Success. The extensive ecosystem of 30 web services and 90 microservices now delivers various e-commerce products to thousands of UK customers.

With nearly 2000 online stores and partners, 2 million rewards, and a variety of innovative and interactive ways to earn epoints, the application has become one of the most powerful loyalty programmes on the web. The solution, developed by PGS Software, has given IAT access to the Amazon Web Services ecosystem, which includes vast product databases, price comparison sites, recommendation engines, Big Data solutions, and more – ensuring that their product will always remain easily scalable and future-proof.

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