Der workflow-to-go® Plattform bietet Unternehmen eine einfache Möglichkeit, ihre Arbeitsumgebung zu verbessern

workflow-to-go® – A Clever Workplace Assistant App

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Working with PGS Software has accelerated our development and provided us with excellent competencies not mastered by ourselves.
Søren Bæk, CEO, new´ish

The workflow-to-go® platform gives businesses an easy way to improve their work environment, save resources and help employees avoid mistakes during a busy workday.

The idea is simple but highly effective: just leave QR codes on appliances or devices your workers use. Then, a quick scan with a mobile device will allow them to receive all necessary instructions, checklists and procedures. For example, just one snap lets nurses of the University Hospitals in Denmark download a video guide for their oxygen machine.

Our cooperation with workflow-to-go® proves that just one PGS Software back-end developer and one mobile developer are able to bring client a lot of value. Working in direct cooperation with new’ish staff, they were able to both upgrade an interesting and innovative IT solution, and create mobile apps with unique functionalities that integrate on a low level with mobile OS components.

Utilized technologies: Android, Windows Phone 7, Metro UI, Barcode Scanning, Z-bar, REST web service, JSON, Action Bar Sherlock, Ruby on Rails, Backbone.JS, Bootstrap, MySQL