Our Graphic Designers: a Small Team With Big Visions

July 3, 2013 Krzysztof Piskorski

When we talk about PGS Software with clients, usually our technical expertise takes the center stage. After all, one million programming hours spent in over 700 projects sounds impressive, especially when backed by case studies and customer recommendations.

But there’s more to PGS Software than just hard skills, coding chops and serious business attitude. Apart from best engineers, we also employ people with managerial talent, marketers, copywriters, and last but not least: a great and experienced art and design team.

It may not be large – comprising of just three people, all former freelancers – but this team has already managed to provide outstanding designs for many applications and Web solutions built by PGS Software.

If there’s a way to describe their work in just three words, it would be: modern and bold. But don’t take our word for it! One of their creations was recently featured on the well-known Web Design Served page. Each day the site’s editorial team picks some great-looking projects submitted to Behance by designers from all over the world, and then puts them into the spotlight.

According to them:  “Web Design Served features top work in the web design and user interface design categories. The curation team chooses projects that move creativity forward in their respective industries.”

We’re proud to announce that last week’s batch included Pocketbeat – a DJ site for real DJ’s, created from scratch by PGS Software. While two of our developers were busy building the entire back-end, our in-house designer created stunning, youthful and energetic layouts that impressed the Web Design selection panel. He also took care of logo, ads, and even a t-shirt design. The layouts are now implemented on Pocketbeat, and a complete showcase can be viewed (and upvoted) here:


Here’s what he had to say about the process: “Working with Pocketbeat was pure pleasure. I’m a big fan of electronic music myself, so I had no problem relating to the topic”.

Pocketbeat was listed among pages belonging to leading brands, such as Hyundai, O2 and Asus. This highlights the fact, that PGS Software’s design team is capable of delivering industry-leading work even for smaller clients. Some other examples of their achievements include layouts for an iPad app called Yay, and an interface of a small business software suite Verindi.

If your feel that your current image needs a bit of an extra “oomph” – now you know where to ask!

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