We Took Part in the 2013 Testing Cup!

October 1, 2013 PGS Team

Poland just got a new national sport. Recently a group of individuals and organizations, including 21CN and SJSI, came together to hold an open national championship in… software testing. It was appropriately taking place on the National Stadium in Warsaw.

While our PGS Software QA team is smaller than our development staff, it gets nearly as many accolades. Some time ago we have joined ranks with Test Benefit, one of the best Polish testing companies. Their team proved to be unrelenting when it comes to software tests. They also happen to like challenges and competition. That’s why, when news about the national event reached PGS Software, they soon picked three of their best to take part. A couple of days ago, this representation was shipped to Warsaw under the PGS Software’s flag.

Needless to say, their performance was top notch.

Exactly at 10 am, on 23 of September, 32 teams gathered in the National Stadium received the documentation and installer of an application called “Mr. Buggy”, prepared specifically for this competition. Then, vigorous testing ensued.

Testing Cup

The result? With 90 points earned in total our team ended up just a single point short of the podium. Overall the event was fun and friendly, but it might be worth to notice that representations of many competing Polish outsourcing companies ended up with a much lower score. Sometimes as much as three times lower.

The jury also complimented the performance of our testers:

In the team category, PGS team was recognized for the best defects reports, zero duplicates and zero features misidentified as bugs”.

Our representation already promised to beat this result next year, and we hope they will succeed. It is reassuring to have people with such attention to detail watch our backs in our daily work.

Our sincere congratulations to the entire team and to Testing Cup 2013 hosts for holding a great event! 

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