We’ve Launched a New PGS Software Website!

November 20, 2013 Krzysztof Piskorski

If you visit PGS Software’s homepage or click our newsletter every now and then (and let’s be honest – you wouldn’t read that if you did not) you have probably noticed something feels quite different now. That’s because we’ve re-made our website from the scratch. Hope you enjoy the new version!

There’s an old saying in Polish that roughly translates as: “shoemaker’s kids go around barefooted”. What it means is that if you have a trade, you’re most likely going to use your skills to make money. You put your clients first, before your own needs.

This is the reason why – at least until recently – our own site was… rooted in the previous decade, to say politely. It was quite nice in 2010, when we launched it, but as the years crept by, it grew further and further from the stellar work our in-house design teams were doing all the time for the external clients.

Finally, we could not help but notice, that pgs-soft.com needed a serious refresh. It was time to create a site that would be a proof of our front-end competence and a good resume of the company. Even if the old page earned some professional awards.  

Initially we thought that building a new website shouldn’t be a challenge. After all, we had plenty of in-house experts creating great pages for our clients by the dozens!

You can probably imagine where this story is going….

The site did prove a bigger challenge than we thought. We received a lesson in humility. Why? When our team got around to planning content and layouts, we found we’ve had over 40 pages and sub-pages on the site map. Most of them were available in three languages, making for a really large pile of content that we wanted to re-write. All of those pages had to be cross-reviewed, commented, and changed many times. Many featured special layouts. Also, our CMS had to be rebuilt. And did I mention active elements, such as the client map or the database of case studies?

But wait, there were also “uknown uknowns” that we stumbled upon during our work. For example, we have discovered a good dozen of specialized landing pages that were located in our domain. We’ve created them over the years for special recruitment actions, educational workshops, and IT events – many of those had to be refreshed as well.

Fortunately, there’s no challenge that can’t be solved with a proper application of some elbow grease. All in all over 15 people were involved at various stages of the production, at the same time never stopping their work for our external clients. We even brought one designer from outside of the company to have him look on the design with a fresh pair of eyes.

Thanks to those efforts, today we can present you a new PGS Software website! It’s light and modern. It’s easier on the eyes and it gives visitors a better access to important information. It’s also adaptive and works great on all types of screens and devices. We hope you like it!

There are probably still some bits that should be improved or fixed, but the essential experience is here. We believe those pages show that PGS Software is not only the home to excellent coders, but also top-notch frontend developers, designers and copywriters.


And for those interested: here’s how our homepage evolved over the years

Revision 1: 2006-2010

Everyone has to start somewhere…

 PGS homepage: 2006-2010

Revision 2: 2010-2013

Serious and business-minded

PGS homepage 2010-2013

Revision 3: 2013+

Light, modern and responsive

PGS New Homepage

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