The approach Efecte has for its customers mirrors some core ideas of PGS Software

Efecte – Innovative IT Service Management SaaS

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I don’t think I have ever seen anyone start doing productive work as fast as some of the PGS Software employees after an introduction to our team. Really impressive.” Henri Jääskeläinen, Efecte

Efecte is a company with a clear mission: to simplify employees’ daily work by automating all Service Management processes. One word that best describes their powerful software suite is “customizability”, as the implementations for two different clients might look nothing alike. No wonder many big businesses from Denmak, Holland and Sweden have decided to cooperate with Efecte, deploying their platform in networks of as much as 20 000 work stations.

Although working on a system with multiple different implementations produced a unique set of challenges, we were more than happy to take our part in solving them. What’s most important, is that thanks to the knowledge and careful attention of PGS Software’s staff, a very high opinion that Efecte users have about the platform was not compromised by outsourced development.

Utilized technologies: Java, Angular JS, REST Easy, SQL Server, Resin AS