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Epoints – the leading online loyalty platform

We’ve created an online loyalty program that offers multiple ways to earn points and integrates seamlessly with a huge number of partner sites.



  • Continuous Delivery
  • Amazon Cloud
  • Serverless
  • Microservices
  • Big Data


Java 8, Lambda, RxJava, Hystrix, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Hibernate, AngularJS1&2, Backbone
NodeJs, Groovy, Scala, MySQL, PostreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, Memcache, SOLR, ElasticSearch, Amazon Web Services, Apache Storm, Spark, EMR, Kinesis


Jenkins, Cucumber, RestAssured, Geb, Selenium Webdriver, Gatling, Docker, Terraform, Consul, Chef
Fiddler, Mitmproxy, Maven, IntelliJ, Jackson, Guava, Gulp, Grunt, RAML, Swagger, Nexus


  • 3 Backend developers
  • 1 Frontend developer
  • 1 graphic designer
  • 1 UX designer
  • 2 testers
  • 1 DevOps engineer
  • 1 PM
With nearly 2000 online stores and partners, 2 million rewards, and a variety of innovative and interactive ways for users to raise their score, epoints has become one of the most powerful loyalty platforms on the Web. Thanks to our software developers, Instant Access Technologies also built an entire ecosystem that includes vast product databases, price comparison sites, recommendation engines, Big Data solutions and more.
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A short project summary, highlighting
scale, new technology and our approach


reduction of time spent on regression:


effect of new environment set-up time reduction (from 6h):


tests done in 5 min for a rapid feedback:


microservises combined into an extensive network:


different data storages:


events handled daily (with optional tracking of users):

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Andrew Sershall

Delivery Director

“Having worked with PGS Software resources on various different projects over the 4 years of our engagement, I am in a good position to verify that adding PGS Software resources to a new or existing project will increase levels of insight, velocity, quality and resilience.”

How have we done it?

  • Challenge

    • Building an extensive ecosystem of over 90 micro services that could be used to deliver various e-commerce products.
    • Managing and analyzing a huge, distributed, automatically synchronized product database and providing real-time search.
    • High security requirements due to involvement of real, valuable rewards.
    • Rapid scaling of the project.
    • Enormous number of tests involved in each release.
  • Solutions

    • Developing our own custom caching and indexing solutions.
    • Solving many interesting Big Data related problems.
    • Regularly introducing new developers and testers to the team to cope with expanding scale.
    • Fast response to any “ePoints hacks” that many users started to look for.
    • Developing an innovative PGS Software Automated Testing Environment guided by the Continuous Delivery principles.
  • Benefits

    • Secure and fast back-end and database solutions.
    • Reduction of time necessary to set up new test environment from 2 hours to 5 minutes.
    • Reduction of testing time needed during each sprint from approximately 400 hours to 30-40 hours.
    • Vastly improved deployment time of critical hotfixes or last-minute changes.
    • Continuous UAT that allowed the client to test-drive new functionalities during each sprint.

We are ready
to answer your questions.

Radek Soska

Head of Presales

+48 71 7982699