We work to ensure flawless functioning of all tested products

Gigaset Communications – Testing Cutting Edge Devices

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PGS Software QA team executed all the entrusted tasks while fully meeting our strict expectations. The team puts a lot of effort into independent and efficient work. All of the faults found by them were well analyzed, understood and described. I’d like to compliment their inquisitive nature and their attention to detail.”
Artur Kulwicki, Head of Gigaset Communications, Test & Integration Competence Center

Gigaset Communications AG is a multinational company with headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany. It specializes in telecommunications devices and infrastructure for home and office environments. Facilitating private and professional communication in today’s world puts huge responsibility on Gigaset as a provider of a vital link in information flow between people and organizations.

The main objective was to ensure flawless functioning of all tested products while taking complete responsibility for executed tests. External testers had to match high standards of work Gigaset set up for its internal teams and conform with all the appropriate procedures. Secrecy of the tests presented additional challenge within an already difficult project. Both the equipment and software PGS Software would work with were still in the development phase. Prototypes and pre-production versions of what would be shown to the market months or years later required total confidentiality, so keeping all of the technical and commercial details undisclosed was absolutely vital.

Utilized technologies: QA Services