At PGS Software we strongly support companies that decide to employ innovative IT solutions

IsoNeo – Innovative Communications Platform

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“Our work on IsoNeo platform offered some interesting challenges. The concept itself was original so it required a non-standard approach. The end result was a very creative piece of programming.” Piotr Chodzinski, IsoNeo Developer

At PGS Software we strongly support companies that, due to the deep knowledge of the sector they work in, decide to employ innovative IT solutions, changing the face of their market. LearnAlliance is one of those companies. After 15 years spent working in tourism, its founders decided to entirely change the way travel operators and travel agents interact. Result? A breakthrough B2B e-learning platform that PGS Software was proud to prepare.

Until IsoNeo, each travel operator had to constantly make sure his agents receive latest product information and all necessary training. The main challenge was to design a more effective way for operators to inform agents about latest products and provide them with training.

Thanks to a market niche spotted by our client, together we were able to create a really uncommon solution, that serves as a single point of contact between multiple travel agents and travel operators. It eliminates the hassle of using several websites to keep up with the latest products, lets both parties communicate easier, provides incentives to the active agents who learn about current offers, and provides the operators with statistical reports on how people utilize the content they provide.

Utilized technologies: PHP / PostgreSQL + Symfony 1.4 Framework, jQuery, Moodle