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Kokoon – a better way to relax

We’ve helped to bring a unique, crowd-funded EEG headset to life by creating a supporting mobile application and back-end service.



  • Mobile application
  • Cloud back-end
  • Rapid production cycle
  • Crowdfunding


iOS, Android, Ruby, Swift, Axure, InVision


  • 3 mobile developers
  • 2 Ruby developers
  • 1 tester
  • 1 project manager
  • part-time: BA, UX, UI Staff
Living a modern life has its price: more and more people suffer from sleep deprivation and tiredness due to hectic lifestyles and heavy use of digital screens. Last year, a UK-based company decided to tackle this issue with technology of their own – a Bluetooth headset with embedded EEG sensors that would help wearers reach the regenerative sleep phase faster and wake up at exactly the right time, in the shallowest part of the cycle.
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Kokoon headset became a hit on Kickstarter!


money raised through



Jan 2017

launch date:

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Tim Antos

CEO of Kokoon

“There was always an air of competence and knowledge within the team. They had normally done something like or close to what we were asking them to do before so we always had faith in the level of execution and could rely on their opinions.”

How have we done it?

  • Challenge

    • The pressure of nearly ten thousand Kickstarter backers waiting for their product to be delivered.
    • The need to quickly drill down from vision level to the executable product.
    • Highest User Experience standards.
    • Integrating mobile application with a unique API library that processed EEG data.
    • Providing many working demos during every step of the project.
  • Solutions

    • Rapid development schedule with parallel development of mobile app and back-end service.
    • Developing a unique functionality and polished interface of the mobile app.
    • Providing additional BA, QA and UX staff on various stages of the project.
    • Quick iteration of the app workflow and key user experience details.
  • Benefits

    • Beautiful mobile app with a wide array of visualizations.
    • Robust back-end for handling user data.
    • Integrated proprietary sleep cycle analysis API.
    • Excellent manufacturing quality.

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