P²ALS was created by engineers for engineers.

P²ALS – Cloud-based Intellectual Property Management Tool

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P²ALS – the Patent & Paper Analysis and Landscaping Software tool – has been developed by a group of engineers with a long industrial research and development experience working for the Swedish company IAMIP Sverige AB.

P²ALS creators shared a common frustration with the state of patent analytics suites they believed to be too expensive and too difficult to use. This inspired them to develop a brand new type of tool for inventors, entrepreneurs and companies.

PGS Software happily assisted them in building a platform that recently won an important Swedish IT award.

This project proved that PGS Software development teams are able to co-design and build solutions of unique scope. P²ALS was the first patent-management suite to include PATSTAT and DOCDB database support, on-the-fly data conversion and many other crucial features. The big amount of data pushed us to develop clever solutions, including a custom search engine implementation.

Utilized technologies: MySQL, Symphony 2 PHP, Sphinx search engine, Bootstrap