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Paradieschen & Bringmirbio – A custom Flexible ERP System

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“Thanks to our software, two different brands with two different sales channels and processes started working as one, sharing an IT infrastructure. This led to considerable savings for both of them.” Waldemar Mękal, Team Leader

The company owned two brands: a regional one and a countrywide one that has been added later. It wanted to have a single e-commerce solution to sustain both of them, while maintaining different branding, business processes and sales channels.The ERP system had to support the entire chain of service, from check-out, package assembly, product selection, scanning, portioning, weighing and invoicing to payments for at least two thousand orders each day. To fulfill this goal, it had to work with proprietary physical hardware. This included food scanners, scales and other physical devices.

Utilized technologies: .NET, DevExpress, MS SQL, MS MVC Framework, N2 CMS