Deep integration with customer service processes

PPS Chopin – Easy and Fast Processing of Debit Cards and E-vouchers

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PrePay Solutions might not be a very recognizable name, but it’s one of the companies that silently drive the today’s world. Owned by MasterCard and Edenred, they are a leading financial services provider. They design and deliver “stored value solutions” – prepaid debit cards, corporate incentive cards and retail gift cards for chains and companies such as Debenhams, Comet, Sainsbury’s, Western Union and more.

With over 400 million euro in business volume and over 40 million financial transactions annually, they cannot afford to rely on anything but the best IT products and services. That’s why we’re proud PrePay Solutions picked PGS Software as a partner for their important Chopin project.

During this long project, PGS Software managed to leave a mark on many parts of the industry-leading financial IT solution. More than anything, this is a testament to the adaptability and flexibility of our developers, who were fully capable of joining a running IT project of extreme complexity, and work successfully on both small subroutines and larger functionalities.

Utilized technologies: Java 1.5, Spring 2, Eclipse, Hibernate 2/3, Oracle 10, Quartz, SOAP, Ant, Tomcat

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