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Verindi – Cloud Based Budget Tracker

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“PGS Software understood our needs, guided us through the development process and came up with a finely-tuned solution. Verindi means end of disorder and the beginning of well-managed financial structure, easy access and safe budgeting.” Marius Lian, Degree Consulting Group

Degree Consulting Group is a Norwegian IT consulting company based in Oslo, specializing in business counselling and providing vital software services for its clients. With a long-standing tradition of successful cooperation with PGS Software as regards multitude of projects, differing in both their profile and size, Degree has already trusted us in developing mobile application, database application, time tracker, e-mail file transfer and social network.

Most quickly growing companies at some point start to struggle with finance tracking and management – spreadsheets shared by email generate information inconsistencies and, as a result, financial threats.Aware of the problem, Degree asked us to create a coherent financial management tool that would solve budget control problems and prevent potential cash leakages. Target users for the tool are fast-growing international companies, with a substantial client base but also increasing challenges as regards internal business structure and organization.

Utilized technologies: ASP MVC 4, .NET 4.0, JavaScript, jQuery, MS SQL 2012