The times when 640KB of RAM was enough for everyone are long gone. Today, IT businesses continuously invest in their infrastructure, and PGS Software is at the forefront. That’s because we have a simple goal: to provide our developers – and you – with the most reliable, leading tools.

Our own server cloud

In a small room in the heart of the Wroclaw Techology Park lies our own server cloud, filled with racks of Dell M620 blade servers and Dell Compellent storage units, connected to our offices with a 10 gigabit network.

This computational centre was built recently to secure the needs of our growing company for many years to come. The fully automated, redundant cooling system and instant admin notifications help us keep a spotless uptime.

system center windows server

Our industrial grade Dell UPS works together with a SDMO J33 diesel-powered generator protect us against power cuts. In case of any emergencies, this setup can support our operations under maximum load for no less than 14 hours.

We run Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012. It can support a large number of virtualized, separate Windows or Ubuntu Linux environments. And if that’s not enough, the additional power is right at our fingertips – our developers are experts in cloud deployment on both Azure and Amazon clouds.

Communication tools

With three conference rooms in Wroclaw and one in Rzeszow, supplemented by telepresence technologies such as Microsoft RoundTable, we’re able to concurrently host team meetings with multiple clients. And if that’s not enough, all of our employees are available on Skype and on other communicators.


Apart from comfortable multi-screen setups coupled with modern computers, we also have several Macs for testing and development purposes, and a plethora of mobile devices.

There’s also plenty of ways to lean back or kick the stress with beanbags, Guitar Hero sets and game consoles in quiet rooms. This might not sound important, but we have learned that a rested developer is a good developer!

Your safety

How about data protection? Don’t worry, your code and hosted services are safe with us. We back everything up using the System Center Data Protection Manager with dedicated Disk–To–Disk–To–Cloud backup. Backups and drives are scrambled with strong encryption software.

We’re also very serious about the network security. Our infrastructure is protected by best available hardware firewalls and enterprise grade software solutions, not to mention our certified security experts.

The offices themselves have keycard restricted access and are located in a well-guarded buildings. If you want your project to remain secret, we can also deploy a team to the separate office with additional access control. We spare no expense to modify our infrastructure to suit your needs.

Your project requires specialized infrastructure? We’re happy to adapt!