Our methods are like us: tested and dependable.

At PGS Software, we love Agile methodologies and we usually employ Scrum. It’s not because of a blind devotion, or because everyone else does it. After close to 2 468 software development projects, we have simply found that it greatly reduces risk and complexity. It saves our time and, consequently, your money.


When boiled down to the essentials, Scrum means:

  • We work in short 2-4 week cycles called “Sprints” that end with a release
  • Each sprint adds more features and functionality to your software product
  • At the end of each sprint, you review the deliverables and give us feedback
  • Together, we decide what to implement during the next sprint
  • We hold daily short standup meetings to ensure our team works closely together

If you want to know more, there’s a video at the bottom made by certified scrum masters from PGS Software.

Scrum is not only a way of organizing work

It is also a set of values we believe in. We feel that producing fast, small iterations is better than waiting for final review when the project ends. Personal collaboration is better than dozens of mammoth-sized e-mails.

We like to keep our teams lean and efficient, and to keep our clients in the feedback loop – and Scrum is a good way to achieve that.

We’re happy to adapt!

They say if your only tool is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. That’s why we only suggest a method of working after we hear about your needs.

We’re not here to convert you to Scrum, but to pick the shortest, most efficient way of changing your vision into real software. Our clients were often surprised by how well our teams could blend into their existing project management structure.

Continuous QA

We do not wait until the final build to see if software works as intended. Instead, we strive to produce high-quality, bug-free code even during the first drafts, thanks to automated testing and continuous integration.

We also offer functional tests, user interface tests and performance tests, picking the right mix of everything for your project size and budget. It all serves a simple goal: to develop good software.

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