Tailored IT solutions for the manu­facturing industry

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Tailored IT solutions for the manu<wbr>­facturing industry

Problems in Industry vs Technology Solution

What used to be a buzzword has become reality – nowadays, Industry 4.0 is the standard. We’ll help you find concrete solutions for your company to become part of the digital revolution – every step of the way, from consulting to applying high-tech software solutions.

In short, it's not been used to meet and exceed business goals. This includes sales figures, logistics records, sensor data, performance records and customer history captured directly from the real world.

Problems & Solutions

Your Challenges
Our Solutions
Your Challenges
Data analytics helps optimise your operations. But where do you start and how do you make the most of your data?
Our Solutions
Our experts will help you uncover hidden insights with Big Data, from data collection processes to data visualisation for your employees.
Your Challenges
You have to tweak production processes, but avoid downtime.
Our Solutions
Digital Twin technology can replicate your manufacturing processes for digital experimentation. No downtime needed.
Your Challenges
The world is spinning faster and faster – and decisions have to be made quicker than ever.
Our Solutions
Machine Learning, paired with IoT, can flag and resolve issues in near-instant time. Even before they actually happen.
Your Challenges
Synchronising results across facilities is often harder than finding best practices.
Our Solutions
The solution is Mesh Twin Learning and Cloud Computing – share best practices across your entire plant network.

Our manufacturing solutions

Our white paper about Mesh Twin Learning explains all about the solution and which challenges it will help you master.

Case Studies

Custom solutions for industry

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Mesh Twin Learning

A Connected Solution for Smart Factories

Digital Twin taken to the next level: light Machine Learning Models compete in the Cloud for best practices to be shared across the entire factory network. Tweak and improve processes with micro-optimisations and experiment freely.

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Digital Twin

Your starting point for industry 4.0

Make a virtual copy of your physical assets in order to tweak processes without downtime or risks.

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