IT Solutions for the mHealth Industry

Reliable software development. Precise hardware integration.

IT Solutions for the <span>mHealth</span> Industry

mHealth — Why Team Up With A Tech Partner?

Mobile health products and services are very specific. Since they’re developed to help with health-related issues, they must offer exceptionally high quality and eminent stability — otherwise users won’t trust them. For that very reason, they also need to be extra secure.

Yet, meeting these extraordinary standards in-house is often impossible — and that’s why mobile health service providers should consider partnering up with external IT experts who possess the necessary expertise.

Problems & Solutions

Your Challenges
Our Solutions
Your Challenges
You are struggling to integrate your hardware (or 3rd party devices) and as a result can’t obtain the necessary data from users (like health indicators, pulse, etc.).
Our Solutions
Our experts will help you to correctly integrate your own hardware or enable you the use of relevant 3rd party devises and/or API.
Your Challenges
You would like to use your data surplus to the benefit of your mHealth solutions (and your users!) but you lack the necessary tools and data analysis models.
Our Solutions
With help of our data experts, you’ll learn how to utilize your data surplus and master collecting data in a smart way. Additionally, you’ll also get to know how to run AI-based recommendations.
Your Challenges
You need to introduce new features and require continuous support, but your in-house capabilities are insufficient.
Our Solutions
PGS Software will become your tech partner and develop your software solutions for you, identifying your business challenges and providing constant support to maintain stability and quality.

Custom Solutions for Industry

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Hardware integration

Maximise functionality and ROI with proficient sensors.

Working closely with a tech partner will not only help you solve integration issues, but also ensure the development of a comprehensive solution which will open up the opportunity to maximize functionality and ROI.

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Software development

Embrace quality, stability and maximized data security.

Meeting the sky-high technical requirements of mobile heath solutions can become a business blocker. To overcome this, mHealth service providers can team up with IT partners that understand the specific needs of the industry and can guarantee regular releases.

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Product design

Implement an easy-to-use interface.

Designing mHealth solutions is filled with specific challenges. More than in other industries, mobile health apps should be focused on delivering an extremely easy to use, user-focused experience – all to deliver the expected results as quickly as possible and without extra stress.

Data Utilization

Use information to offer a smarter solution

To offer good mobile health solutions, service providers need to use many sets of data. As a result, they often gather more information than they can process. But this data surplus may be used to bring additional benefits — the clue is to find this hidden value.

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