Tailored IT solutions for Mobile Network Operators

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Tailored IT solutions for <span>Mobile Network Operators</span>

Problems in Industry vs Technology Solution

In the early 2000’s, the mobile internet started transforming our everyday lives. After years of evolution, mobile applications became a vital partner in both our professional and mundane activities — and living without some of them (like Google Maps!) is nearly unimaginable.

Now, after nearly two decades of evolution, the mobile internet found itself at the brink of a new era — filled with technological challenges. And as the 2020 MIT report shows, some changes are actually so gigantic that Mobile Network Operator’s won’t be able to implement them without external support.

Problems & Solutions

Your Challenges
Our Solutions
Your Challenges
Remote work is killing your network capabilities with unexpectedly high demand
Our Solutions
Our experts will help you optimise for different goals and leverage the Cloud — high demand will never surprise you again
Your Challenges
You have doubts if you’re fully ready for 5G — or you haven’t even started assessing it yet!
Our Solutions
Our experts will define your transformation journey and help you with a quicker 5G adoption — you’ll be ready to introduce 5G to your business
Your Challenges
You don’t really know how to get the full potential of 5G — but you’d like to monetise it
Our Solutions
Our experts will introduce you to MEC — an additional revenue stream which will help you sell your computing capacities, similarly to Cloud giants such as Microsoft or Amazon

Custom solutions for industry

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Mobile Network Optimisation

The ultimate solution to network overloads

Many MNO’s experience the highest demand for network services ever. Unfortunately, due to the world situation, a quick enhancement of hardware is rarely possible. Luckily, there are ways to improve capacity with existing infrastructure — by changing utilisation and leveraging the Cloud.

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Software adoption to 5G

Be ready for the mobile revolution

To be ready for the new network standard, you need to adjust to new events, protocols, data structures, flows and interfaces. Moreover, your systems must remain flexible and maintainable. Luckily, the experience of a Software House may prove invaluable to your transition.

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Mobile Edge Computing

A new, powerful revenue stream

5G also introduces MEC — a true revenue generating machine. As a Mobile Network Operator, you can use MEC to sell your computing capacities to other businesses — just like Cloud giants such as Amazon or Microsoft.

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