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PGS Software Expands: Meet Our Managing Director in UK, Rob Lober

February 11, 2014 K. Piskorski

This year starts with a very important point in the evolution of PGS Software. We have decided to launch our own United Kingdom based company, and we now have a presence in London, helping us bring the expertise of our software engineers to new markets.

Over nine years ago, when PGS Software was just a fledgling family enterprise, no one could have imagined we will be opening foreign branches. That’s why we’re very proud to announce the founding of PGS Software Limited.

How did we come to this decision?

According to our data, approximately 25% of our revenues are with customer from the United Kingdom. This number has been rising for several years now. We’ve found that language and communication skills of our engineers, coupled with the fact that our home city is connected to major British destinations with direct flights is a winning combination.

We soon realized that accelerated take-up in the UK presents our company with an opportunity. To align more closely with customers, we’ve decided to start the first PGS Software branch abroad. We now join the growing group of Polish public companies that have expanded their operations to the Western Europe.

PGS’ presence in UK will focus on advising our prospective clients and facilitating business contacts between our company and Western businesses. It is managed by an experienced hand in consulting and IT.

Let us introduce you to Rob A. Lober, the Managing Director. He has offered to answer some questions for our business partners, shareholders and employees.

Rob, you come to PGS Software with a long history of working in the IT sector. Could you tell us something about your background?

Robert A. Lober  Managing Director

Robert A. Lober
Managing Director

I have joined PGS Software with a lot of enthusiasm as I have previously found that major organisations are embracing Eastern Europe for their software engineering requirements. I also enjoy working in the region and this has been my focus in the past few years. Previously I have worked for some big organisations such as BT Global Services, Logica and the BBC, and some smaller ones such as Acorn Computers. Therefore I have many perspectives.

You have recently travelled to PGS Software development centres in Poland. How was it?

Wroclaw and Rzeszow are more modern than I had expected and the towns are very picturesque. The beer is good as well. The development centres . . .  well lots of engineers hard at work and involved in their “daily stand ups”.

As a Managing Director located in London, do you think that being physically present in Western markets is important for companies like ours?

In my experience, the most important thing for customers is that they can easily reach and visit the software engineering teams. Poland is ideal for that. Placing me in the UK should make the communication process even easier.

What do you think in general about the opportunities for Central and Eastern European (CEE) companies on the crowded global outsourcing market?

CEE has always been known for its strong technical skills. Where it excels is in personal communication. The take up by the IT industry of agile techniques is making those communication skills invaluable.

And how would you sum up your experience with PGS Software so far?

There is an impressive focus across the company to ensure our customers succeed and to put them at the heart of everything we do. There is also a strong commitment to grow the business.

Could you tell our readers what are you going to focus on first in your work?

Building on our strengths in PGS’ core markets. This means software development and testing in payments, retail, loyalty and mobile including responsive design. We are benefitting from strong demand in UK, Ireland, Germany and Scandinavia in particular.

We wish Rob all the best in his work, and we’d like to thank him for this interview. If you want to talk about some prospective projects, business ideas or your software needs, Rob is open to for you to get in touch. Please e-mail: rlober (at)

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