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Using technology to produce the world's first sleep sensing headphones

The hectic pace of modern day living has left many people suffering from sleep deprivation. One sufferer – Tim Antos – combined his knowledge of technology with expert advice from colleagues working at Imperial College, London to design the Kokoon headphone. The technology adapts to you and your environment, learning what helps you rest and relax.

As a CEO of a start-up, Tim, knew that such a sophisticated technology would require experienced partners to help his vision become a reality. He chose PGS Software to help develop the mobile application that is the centre of the system.

I needed to secure the services of a company that could deliver high quality software in relatively short space of time. This is a very complex project and one that would require the utmost attention to detail. PGS Software's pedigree in the field of mobile applications is very impressive so for me they were a great choice for this work

says Tim

Audio is one of the most effective ways to help us relax and switch off naturally. The technology in the headphones accurately tracks how deeply you are sleeping using both movement and its built in EEG sensors to measure tiny voltages from the brain to understand individual sleep patterns. This information is fed to your smartphone app to give a nightly sleep score. The data is then used to identify how the technology can improve your sleep.

Tim explains

The headphone is the first of its kind in the world. As you can imagine, the software behind this technology is extremely sophisticated. The project therefore required a team that can ‘think out of the box’ and the PGS Software team provided us with new concepts that we integrated into the overallsolution.

Improving sleep requires very accurate monitoring. The PGS Software team were instrumental in integrating the mobile application for both IOS and Android devices with the Application Programming Interface (API) that processed the EEG data. They used DevOps methodology to accelerate the development of the system and it was a great success as they were able to develop the mobile app and the back end service in parallel. They produced continuous sprints of high quality software, generating working models during the project. Testing is always an important part of any software application and the PGS Software team carried out the testing working in conjunction with my own in-house team to ensure that all work complied with our strict standards.

The PGS Software team was also involved with developing the look of the mobile app

Good communication is key in any successful project and this is an area that the PGS Software team excelled in. Weekly meetings were held with my members of my team to ensure that the project was on schedule

Tim continues.

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the PGS Software team, Kokoon now has a robust back-end system for handling the myriad of information from the end user that it receives.

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