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Polish robots win international glory

April 6, 2011 Ela PaweĊ‚ek-Lubera

Polish robots competing in the annual Robot Challenge extravaganza in Vienna have trounced the opposition, seeing off 300 rival machines from 17 European countries. Amongst the key designs is ‘Hurricane’, constructed by fourth year students from Krakow’s University of Mining and Metallurgy.

Martin Okarma and Mariusz Kaczmarek are the brains behind the triumphant design, which emerged as an invincible model, winning in two categories. ‘Hurricane’ was first past the post in the ‘Linefollower’ race on flat terrain; likewise it successfully weaved amongst obstacles in the rough ground challenge. Poland topped the medals table in the overall competition. Other Polish victors included ‘Quasimodon’, which vanquished the opposition in the ‘Humanoid Sumo’ showdown.

RobotChallenge was founded in 2004, and draws dozens of bright minds to the Austrian capital each year.


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