Nearshore software outsourcing

All you need is a good idea – we will transform it into great software. Based on your business goals, we’re going to prepare specifications, divide them into tasks and execute them.

You can choose any level of involvement. We have the expertise and manpower to turn even a rough vision into a working, powerful IT solution. more

Number of IT specialists ready to help you

Mobile and Web


Hardly any business today can work efficiently without iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Web apps. We have the experience and imagination to make your mobile presence outstanding.

We’ve delivered many mobile solutions and Web applications. We know how to achieve uncompromised usability and user experience. Take advantage of our proficiency! more

Application development

Application development

Making software is what we excel at. We know how to proceed from concept to coding and how to maintain or upgrade existing apps. Top engineering skills lie at the core of what we do and we have a knack for solving even the hardest problems.

Whether you have a legacy system or just a good idea for a startup, we will deploy a team suited to your project. At the end, we’d love to hear from you: “This is exactly what I wanted!” more

Continuous Delivery, QA & Automation

Continuous Delivery

We have a dedicated QA team working on every project. They ensure flawless functioning from the very first released version and they specialise in the latest automation tools, which allow them to cut manual testing time to a minimum.

Whether you need functional, performance, regression or any other test – we’ve been there. We also have experience in cutting edge Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration solutions. more



PGS Software specialises in comprehensive management of the process of transitioning to the Cloud. We guide our Clients through the process of cloud migration making sure that the resulting solution answers real business needs and enables operational and employment-related cost savings.

We help our Clients take full advantage of the possibilities offered by cloud computing and guide them in their efforts to move from high-cost customised ICT applications and solutions to low cost, standard, interchangeable services. more