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Why Python? A Case Study

Using Python and the Cloud, we upgraded our client’s SaaS solution to be faster, more efficient, and ahead of the curve. This is a fantastic example of what AWS Cloud Python solutions can do for you!

To stay ahead of the industry, Arts Alliance Media (AAM) needed to upgrade & innovate Courier - their automated SaaS platform for delivering digital content to cinemas.

To provide a quick solution that worked flawlessly on a global scale, we utilised a Python solution, built with Amazon Web Services.


Results by Numbers:


Bug reported from production within a year after release


Tests done in 6 minutes for rapid feedback


Size reduction of the database without loss of data


Time reduction in loading of one of the main pages

The Benefits of an AWS Cloud Python Solution

Here’s how Arts Alliance Media was able to benefit from an AWS Cloud Python solution:

  • It is highly scalable, allowing simultaneous uploads & downloads of enormous amounts of data to be made
  • The new solution is much faster than its predecessor
  • The main database was restructured and reduced by 20%, without compromising data support capabilities
  • The new application perfectly handles disconnection & network issues during transfers, leading to a higher quality, seamless performance
  • Speedy development decreased the time to market

We believe that fully automated electronic delivery through the Cloud will ultimately replace all current managed electronic and physical content delivery services. Having worked with PGS Software before, we knew that they understood the complex technical environment of modern cinema exhibition and would be able to deliver what we required.

Rich Phillips photo

Rich Phillips

Chief Technology Officer, AAM

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Lightning-Fast Prototyping Thanks to Python

Prototyping in Python is so easy that it can be done in a mere 2 hours. This means you’ll have infinite possibilities to translate your business ideas into working PoCs, helping you to choose the right solution to meet your demands, without worrying about slowing down development time.

The Advantages of Python Prototyping

Fast prototyping means a much faster time-to-market

Possibility to validate your business case before investing

Cost savings due to a streamlined & speedy delivery process

Versatility - can be used to write code, test, and deploy

Highly adaptable solution that’ll easily meet changing market demands

The best language for Big Data and data science projects

Why Our Experts Prefer Python

I love Python for keeping things simple - I can quickly read, debug and test code, resulting in a faster development cycle. It makes the entire development process faster, so that I’m able to deliver new features earlier, in comparison to other languages.

Piotr Szajer photo

Piotr Szajer

9 years’ experience with Python & PHP

Python is used by giants like Google, Dropbox, Spotify, Instagram, and NASA. It’s highly ranked in the programming language popularity category - and that popularity is growing exponentially. It's the language of the future.

Magdalena Szultk photo

Magdalena Szultk

a year’s experience in Python

For me, the key benefits of Python are its productivity and flexibility. It’s fast, easy to pick up, and well-supported. My team can effortlessly create prototypes that demonstrate the project’s unique features, rather than have to create the most basic elements from scratch.

Andrzej Szulc photo

Andrzej Szulc

Project Manager

I program in Python because it’s highly productive and fast. The syntax is clean and easy to read. Additionally, there are lots of excellent Python frameworks and packages available, especially for data scientists.

Tomasz Dworakowski photo

Tomasz Dworakowski

4 years’ experience with Python

The Future Is Python

Python is quickly growing in popularity and usage - and for good reason! You’ll love it because it enables fast prototyping and faster development that keeps costs down. Developers love it because it works with popular libraries, such as TensorFlow, SciPy and NumPy, allowing for quick and easy builds that meet each product’s needs.

In particular, Python’s ability to adapt and remain code-light is making it an increasingly popular choice for Big Data and Machine Learning. This is especially true when it comes to Cloud-based systems, as Python has the tools to easily work in the Cloud or with Serverless computing, such as AWS Lambda.

Each year, more and more professionals move away from older languages to embrace one that’s adaptable, thrives in Agile development, and is perfect for projects large and small, from microservices to Big Data systems.

Worldwide programming language ranking:


Source: Vogels, R. (2018). Which Programming Languages Should You Learn in 2018? Usersnap.

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