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Mobile & Web

We build content rich, polished applications covering all industries: from social media and e-commerce to data aggregation.

We believe your digital channels should be so good, your customers will prefer to interact digitally. This reduces your costs, improves customer perception and achieves efficiency through automation.

Digital media to fit your needs

Our portfolio showcases products ranging from simple pages and smartphone apps to full social networks, e-commerce engines and enterprise applications. We invite you to see some recent examples.

We can provide solutions that only use our own code, to meet specific requirements and avoid license fees. However, we can also utilize the best available platforms and open source solutions to achieve unmatched development speed.

Meet our experts

  • Andrzej / Android Team Leader
    Android Team Leader
  • Michał / iOS Team Leader
    iOS Team Leader
  • Agata / Graphic Designer
    Graphic Designer
  • Mateusz/ Mobile Applications Tester
    Mobile Applications Tester

Our team will guide you through all stages of mobile application development, from the first, hazy concept to the final, beautiful app. Then, we’ll help you launch it with appropriate marketing communication, press release and app store optimization.

We have invaluable experience drawn from working on both commercial applications and internal projects. No matter what we create, we do it with passion.

Mobile proficiency


Our deep knowledge of iOS allows us to deliver apps that work closely with the hardware, including GPS and camera. We provide a single executable that adapts to both iPhones and iPads. With over 100 iOS apps in our portfolio, some of which reached #1 in the Polish section of App Store, we feel confident that no iOS challenge is too hard.


Currently the largest smartphone market, Android is a key area of our mobile expertise. We have over 60 000 hours of Android coding on the counter, including multitude of native apps for healthcare, telecommunication, finance, e-commerce and entertainment. Our portfolio guarantees we can handle any Android project.

Windows Phone

Youngest of the popular mobile platforms, Windows Phone has entered the market recently. Despite that, we have already spent over 2 700 hours developing Windows Phone solutions for tourism, IT industries and entertainment sectors. Not many businesses have Windows Phone apps so far – join the pioneers with us.

PGS Software’s mobile experience in numbers

…even though numbers don’t tell the entire story. World-class quality is another important part of our work that helps our solutions earn great user reviews and become featured on pages dedicated to best mobile apps.

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  • positive comments for our apps
  • apps for international market

Do you want to provide a great mobile experience for your users?