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Nearshore Software Development Service

We work with you to put together a team that will mobilise quickly and will give you access to hard to find software and technical skills.

Our work usually includes application development, testing, support, maintenance or any combination of those.

The many highly successful projects we have completed substantiate our expertise in software delivery - we guarantee you will get the best possible results with the use of the latest technologies.

Building your team

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At PGS Software, we have worked with clients spanning from various business backgrounds and their unique software needs gave us the opportunity to use nearly all popular technologies.

We have technical experts, who can get started on your project as soon as possible. Your team will consist of experienced engineers and managers. Also, we readily build our clients’ teams from our existing talent pool, which reduces marketing time.

Communication and location

Easy communication is a key advantage of nearshoring. We are located in Europe, in (or close to) your time zone, and our four software delivery centres in Poland have direct flight connections to many major European cities.

Since Poland is a member of the EU, we can come and work at your site and you can easily come and work with us.

How do you know we’ll deliver?

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You will. We never keep you in the dark and we’re always happy to talk to you! Our online management tool is always available for you to inspect or set tasks. You’ll also get a weekly progress report with detailed summary of what we did and how long it took.

Methodologies we use, Agile and Scrum, assure that every week or two we deploy a working, improved version of your project just to let you check if we did what you expected.

Protecting your business interests and intellectual property

PGS Software by default keeps your business confidential and allows you to retain the intellectual property that is produced as a result of our cooperation. Our developers work in spacious open plan offices with controlled access, but we can also set up your team in separate controlled environments.

Additional security measures can also be agreed.

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